Customer demand for top of the range outdoor cooking equipment is on the rise as more and more people are socialising at home with friends and family and embracing the joys of fine food in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Cooking Hardware & Accessories

Alfresco Brands is at the forefront of supplying retail outlets in the UK with innovative outdoor cooking hardware and accessories, fuel sources and market leading products, including household names such as the Alfresco Chef and Looft.

If you are looking to exploit the substantial market growth in outdoor cooking products, the Alfresco Brands team can offer you a business partnership designed to widen your product range and increase your business profitability.

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens & Grills

From wood fired pizza ovens and grills to must have accessories, Alfresco Brands is working with a range of business partners across the UK to deliver customers all the latest outdoor cooking products and equipment they need to set up their outdoor kitchen spaces.

In addition, as a business partner we can support you with a reliable stock management service, a ‘turnkey solution’ which can be easily implemented into your current processes and includes e-commerce fulfilment, dropshipping, 3PL logistics, warehousing and distribution.  In short, we do all the work for you while you widen your customer offer and increase your bottom line.

So if you want to be a part of the rapidly growing outdoor cooking market, get in touch with Alfresco Brands today and we can help you boost your business offering.

Our Brands

Alfresco Chef

Enjoy Live Fire Cooking at its Best!

The Alfresco Chef® Wood Fired Ovens have been designed for the master pizzaiolo and apprentice alike. Versatile, fun and easy to use, our range of ovens and accessories make wood fired cooking accessible to all.  Whether it is to cook a delicious pizza within ninety seconds, to roasting, baking and barbecuing, we guarantee authentic wood fired flavour with every bite.

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Petromax is the brand for ‘Fire & Light’,’ Grilling & Cooking’, ‘Bushcraft & Survival’ .

Created for the outdoor enthusiast, the vast range of outdoor cooking equipment has been expertly designed to the highest quality.

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Grate Goods

Preservation of real barbeque

In the USA, the land of barbecue, Grate goods have gained inspiration and knowledge of barbecue techniques, herb mixes and rubs for over twenty-five years.

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Since 1893, Feuerhand stands for quality and functionality. Part of the Petromax Group since 2014, the worldwide recognised traditional brand of hurricane lanterns is still produced in Germany today.

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Woodson® is an innovative brand offering products for the home, garden, and outdoor enthusiast. It all started with a firestarter at woodson®. They have created a firestarter that ignites fires faster, easier and does not contain harmful substances, and is a 100% natural.

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