Dedicated to the preservation of real BBQ

In the USA, the land of barbecue, we have gained inspiration and knowledge of barbecue techniques, herb mixes and rubs for over twenty-five years.

Back home in the Netherlands, we used this knowledge to develop our own unique barbecue products. Initially, we developed these products for our own use. We carefully put them together for our participation in exclusive, worldwide barbecue competitions. And with great results! In 2015, we won the international ‘Whole Hog Award’ with our team – ‘The Dutch BBQ Crew’ – and became world champions of BBQ.

From that moment on, we realized that our Grate Goods products and their underlying stories can turn any backyard barbecuer into a barbecue king.

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Grate Goods barbecue sauces are a tribute to the rich barbecue flavors we discovered during our travels in America. Each state has its own distinctive seasoning, that is in the center of the attention in our recipes.

From traditional flavors like the Kansas City Red BBQ sauce to the California Hot BBQ sauce, each seasoning has its own story and its own flavor guide – products where the sauce looks its best.

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