Welcome food lovers… to our range of Meat Rubs from Jack’s Meat Shack. Jack is a legendary Food Blogger with a passion for all things BBQ.

The market is flooded with American-style branded rubs and sauces loaded with sugar and additives. Jack’s isn’t! Just an all-natural blend of herbs and spices.

His signature Meat Dust gives meat or vegetables a whole new lease of life! Smokey and spicy, this truly is old school BBQ at its very best.

His Cowboy Coffee Rub is a taste sensation! Enjoy with chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish or even to spice up your beans and veggies. A rich, earthy coffee with a savoury hit of onion and a slightly spicy finish. It works really well with pork and beef. Also don’t be afraid to sprinkle it on vegetables such as sweet potato or butternut squash.

Treat your food to a gift of the green stuff with the Ranch Multi Purpose Rub and its herby punch of flavours. Versatile is the word to use when describing this mind-blowing rub. From salads, vegetables, meat, chicken or fish. Mix it with some mayonnaise and use it as a dip on the side. dip your chips in. Packed with a balance of punchy herbs, this will bring to life whatever you are about to tuck into.